Celo at ETHDenver: Mobile-first, Interoperability, zkSNARKs, Oh My!

All things Celo during ETHDenver 2021, February 5–12

2 min readFeb 4, 2021

cLabs would like to invite the entire Celo community to attend the virtual conference and hackathon for ETHDenver starting this weekend!

ETHDenver is free for you to attend and come visit our booth in the Shill Zone C section. You will be transported from your computer to an awesome virtual conference in 3D, where you can interact with fellow Celo community members, including folks from the cLabs team.

Celo Booth in the Rainbow Shill Zone | ETHDenver 2021

We have a group of Celo talks, AMAs, and bounties lined up for the week for you to take part in.

Our Friday kicks off with a back-to-back session with founder & CTO, Marek Olszewski and super Celo Core Dev, James Prestwich. We then join developer experience and relations engineers Barbara Liau, Jarrell James, and Yaz Khoury on Monday to talk about #MobileFirstEverything

Be sure to join our AMA on Wednesday, where we will talk about the Plumo protocol and zkSNARK Ceremony. In this AMA, we will cover our experience participating in the weekly round of the Plumo setup, with the goal to secure the SNARK for the Plumo ultra-light client for mobile devices.

Here is our schedule for this weekend and next week:

  • Marek Olszewski — You Had Me At Celo — Friday, February 5th at 2PM MST
  • James Prestwich — Toss A Celo To Prestwicher — Friday, February 5th at 2:30 PM MST
  • Barbara Liau, Jarrell James, Yaz Khoury — Make It Mobile First Or Else — Monday, February 8th at 10:40 AM MST
  • zkSNARK Ceremony: Plumo Edition — AMA with Anna Rose, James Prestwich, Yaz Khoury — Wednesday, February 10th at 3 PM MST
  • Evolution of Community Panel with Vanessa Slavich (cLabs), with Manu Alzuru (DuinGud-Moderator), Simona Pop (Status), Amy Jung (MakerDAO), Elena Giralt (Zcash), and Lindsey Howard (Foundation) — Monday, February 8th at 9 AM MST

And remember to check out our full list of Gitcoin and ETHDenver Bounty tracks! You can find Jarrell, Yaz, or other cLabbers to ask any questions on the bounties, either in the virtual space or on Discord.

We all look forward to seeing the growing Celo community come together at ETHDenver in this amazing platform, connecting and building toward our shared mission of prosperity for all with mobile-first blockchain technology.




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