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cLabs Tech Sync #3

cLabs Hackathon

  • Clippy — an iOS App Clip to enable sending cUSD without Valora using Apple Pay
  • Strio — a Stripe-like API and service to allow online stores to accept cUSD
  • TipBot — a GitHub tip-bot to send cUSD directly to GitHub handles using comments
  • Speedy CLI — start a Celo node in lightest mode to sync instantly and use for cli commands instead of Forno
  • Social Credit Scoring — a microlending system built on top of Celo to enable wider access to credit
  • Citadel — a new style and organization for the Celo documentation
  • Espresso — a short-lived Eth testnet with a few new EIPs included
  • Celo MetaMask Signer — a web application to sign and send Celo transactions with a fork of MetaMask
  • Valora style — some style and animation improvements to the Valora app
  • QRiky Offline Transactions — send transactions with Valora while one device does not have internet access by using QR code
  • Recovery Wallet — a smart contract wallet with added functionality to recover your wallet and grant permissions
  • Gas Market Simulator — simulate gas prices with an auction pricing strategy
  • Attestations as Security Codes — a way to send much shorter text messages to devices wishing to verify on Celo
  • Most Useful: QRiky Offline Transactions
  • Most Creative: Clippy iOS App Clip
  • Most Mission Aligned: Social Credit Scoring
  • Best Effort: Celo MetaMask Signer

Improving Improvements

Did someone say ‘Hard Fork’?!

Meet the team! Barbara Liau

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