Upgrades and Interns

cLabs Tech Sync #2

Awesome interns

Making protocol upgrades safe and easy

Celo Core Contracts Release 1

Celo Blockchain Release 1.1.0

Making it Easier to be Available

Blockchain Throughput

Researching Account Recovery

Meet the team! Yaz Khoury

Events you shouldn’t miss

  • The cLabs hackathon is underway and the community is taking part! To see what’s being built, check out #hackathon on Discord.
  • Join the final demos on this Hangout on Oct 6 8am PT, 1500 UTC
  • Learn about and discuss governance proposals to enable the first core contracts upgrade on this community call 8am PT, 1500 UTC.
  • Keep an eye on #governance on Discord for more details.
  • Bring coffee or beer and hang out virtually with other validators, node operators and developers. This time it’ll be Thursday Oct 8, 6pm PT / 9am CST / 10am KST.
  • Keep an eye on #validators-announce on Discord for more details.
  • Interested in contributing code to Celo Blockchain but don’t know where to start? In Celo Blockchain Internals Deepdive, Kevin Jue will explain how everything fits together
  • Hangout with cLabs developers about building on top of Celo and using the SDK.
  • 10/13 at 4pm PT, 10/20 at 8am PT. Calendar of future events here.

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Building financial technology to enable prosperity of all beings. cLabs started Celo in 2018 and is one of many contributors to the open source project.